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Innovation and SynergismWhat Innovations Are You Working On Now?

How are innovation and synergism related?  It is simple.  A strategy of innovation relies on synergism!  Synergistic teams embrace innovation quickly because it frees them to move closer to their goal.  Synergism moves you to another interface!  Their focus on a purpose enables them to assess its group impact.  Less functional groups adopt or delay innovation without considering all the eventual implications.  As Adrian Slywotzky said, �The future has already happened.  It�s just not evenly distributed.�

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An innovation will be recognized and tested at the interface between groups, either by its result or by a request.  What does it mean to innovate?  It means to introduce something new or as new, something that deviates from established doctrine or practice.  It has the meaning of renew, change or modify.  It can be an invention, a process, or an idea.  It probably will be easier or more productive, but not necessarily.  Sometimes it will be an innovation to some, but not all.  It may be good and it may be bad in its effect.  Innovations are often difficult to assess.  That is why we have extensive legislative efforts worldwide.

What is Innovation?

Innovative ideas always seem odd.

You must champion innovation in two areas: scientific innovation and organizational innovation.  You must become expert in identifying and exploring innovative ideas without suffocating them.  Such an enterprise requires a fundamental change in your thinking about innovation.  Thinking about innovation goes beyond paradigm shifts, thinking outside the box and quantum leaps to the very nature of business competition itself, and, because innovation is inseparable from synergism, to the nature of the very best of human interactions! My fears stand in your way because you aren�t getting my ideas.  Simplification means a subtraction of possibilities for the future because you had too many anyway.  Innovation requires a doctrinal change to unprecedented personal empowerment.  To foster innovation, before I think about me, I have to think about you.

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