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Mutual Regeneration

Mutual regeneration is restoring a whole relationship.

In synergism there is a change in how we present ourselves to each other.  The change takes place by a process of mutual regeneration.  The process begins when you admit that you often know what is right to do, but fail to do it.  You are not the man or woman you ought to be.  You are flawed. Regeneration begins when you decide to change your direction.  In synergism this happens mutually with another person.  It is not something you can do alone.  In regeneration, you dissolve the fear that accompanies broken relationships.  When you can finally trust someone, you are not afraid of him or her any more.  Your fear is gone.  For synergism, you have to do the right work first, and that work is mutual regeneration.

All synergism you find in another person.

All synergism you find in another person.  It is impossible to break this principle of synergism.  You can only disobey it; then, it will break you.  If you omit doing something you need to do, it is most likely that you will do something else you are not supposed to do.  You will hit some other mark, less than you intended. Regeneration is a process of becoming spiritually or morally reformed to an improved state at the same time it is happening to another person with whom you interact, to restore the whole relationship. It is actually borne along by a whole environment of commonly felt spiritual need.

Regeneration is washing.  You clean yourself up - wash out the dirt.  You start over using better ideas about yourself, better ideas about me.  It�s a spiritual renovation.  Synergism involves a mutual focus on closeness to one another.  It is a closeness like that found in the best parts of love, friendship, fellowship and partnership.  We become rightly related and can finally talk freely to each other.  We have left behind those anemic shackles of ideology, position, tasking, membership and anonymity.  We allow ourselves to be vulnerable and our defenses are down.  The rules have changed. 

Process means it happens over a period of time.  Mutual regeneration is something you know is happening in your relationships.  It differs from the technology and other work you do.  You can see improvements in yourself and your relationships over time.  There are some who believe that regeneration with others reaches its fullness when you have addressed your relationship to God.

What you really need is someone to support you as you develop your will for your life.  He or she will be more interested in who you are and who you are becoming, than where you are and what you are doing.  For your part, you must have committed to developing others alongside yourself, surrendered to the changed behavior this requires, and separated yourself from things that detract from it.  Mutual means you've found someone else who is willing to do it right along with you.