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Develop, present, defend, and pilot synergistic ideas for the future of your team.



















 of Synergism

Synergism power can be measured.  The metrics are a little unique, that�s all.  Don�t you expect that?  Here  are some ideas for a metrics scoreboard.  Each metric is keyed to one of the principles of synergism.  The relative importance of the metrics will vary according to your team and its purpose.  Try the metrics out on your favorite team!.  Under "score", enter a (+) or a (-), depending upon whether you are doing well or poorly against the metric, then compute the sum to see how well you are doing overall and to see where you need to change your thinking.    A negative total score indicates your team is in trouble, a positive one, you are moving ahead. Print the page if you want.


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  respect   positive talk about others   kudo-events per encounter


  intercession   preventing someone's fall   stands per week


  rest   restful sleep   hours of beautyrest per weeknight


  trust (time)   empowerment opportunities   new empowerments per project month


  hospitality   celebrate however things go   parties per project


  leadership   shepherding the land's potential   pastures per day


  commitment   keep at it no matter what   ball carries per project


  purpose   synergistic mirror (yours)   smiles per face


  reward   friendship power   thank-pats per ovation


  teaching   leading others to your light  wows per lesson per student


 interactions   knowledge of effects  see Interaction Metrics 


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Net Score

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Note: Please do the math yourself. Your results are not connected to any database.