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The purpose of this website and accompanying book is to help you understand the dynamics of a synergistic team so that you can have a model for increasing the productivity and enjoyment of any team.

A lot of people use the word synergism without really understanding what it means, therefore, there are good reasons why it doesn�t happen too often, and isn�t too popular.  It is often mistaken for something else, such as mere integration, or common theft.  In this website, you are about to embark on a study of principles.  It is not a smorgasbord where you can pick and choose.  Without adopting these principles, you will only hold the form of synergism, but never realize it�s power.

Welcome to the principles of Synergism!  Synergism is alarming.  The fact that you are reading this site means you might be interested in learning more about why it is so alarming and how to get more of it in your life.  Synergism means working-together-ism.  It�s not something you can do by yourself!  Why, it's even hard to study it by yourself for very long before wanting to talk to someone about it.  This is because the study of synergism will cause you to call into debate both the good and bad character habits you have developed.  It is likely you will not at all like some of the conclusions that you will have to draw about yourself and the place where you work.  Some of the doctrines associated with synergism will surely astonish you - they will stun you like a clap of thunder!  You may become dazed or bewildered.  And yet, as in all athletics, if you want to make some progress in the realm of synergism, you will have to endure some pain and conditioning of your mind, if you hope to make any progress.

Everything you need to get started is right in here for you.  The order of the presentation is straightforward.  Check out the subjects on the left panel. After examining the purpose for studying synergism, you�ll have a look at defining synergism, discover the source of synergism, the co$t of synergism, and synergism in action.  You�ll have a look at leadership on a synergistic team, synergism between groups, building synergism, barriers to synergism, and the end of synergism.  Don�t hide from this opportunity!  This site and its accompanying book is designed to teach you how to think about synergism. When you have your thinking about synergism under control, you�ll have some chance of achieving it. 

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Remember - this website is about a synergistic team, not just a �good� team!