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Synergism Between Groups

Groups don�t synergize, people do.
 Dare to challenge your company's myths!  Dare to challenge your company's myths!  Dare to challenge your company's myths!

The same principles that apply within a team also apply between teams.  This is because people do all inter-team interactions.  These individual people form a new team all by themselves - an interaction team, an interface. How well these leaders represent their constituencies is a function of how well they function in any group.  No matter how well your group works, it still may fail at the interface with other groups.  It is necessary for you to become expert at probing this interface.  If you can�t, the synergism of your group will just fade away. Consider the power of the other team you are working with!

Our problem is that we are on so many different teams it is necessary to establish our roles, expectations and needs differently for each of them.  You might be on some acceptable teams, some good teams and some excellent teams all at the same time.  The principles of synergism didn�t change just because the groups did.

What you need at the interface may be strangely different! On one team you may be a respected leader and have a great impact because the group is mature, yet in another group have to work really hard just to keep the team�s head above water. Probe your magic interfaces - the place where deals are made:

Groups don�t synergize, people do.

Move yourself to a new level. Your top level is love.

All synergism is tested at a group interface.

Maybe you should learn some harder things like teamwork metrics! Dare to be different!  Learn more about synergism between teams in the book!  Dare to know more about your own team first!