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The End of Synergism

The Breakdown Lane


A Proper Perspective

Learn how to respond to the end of synergism.  When your synergism is over you will be able to look back and see what was important to you and what made it work.  What did you expect?  You live in a sinful world.  There are all sorts of storms everywhere.    Storms are part of life - you have to deal with them.  Don't harden your heart when things go awry.  Instead, consider the good things you have going and the fine people you met.  Little is much when synergism is in it.  Synergism is like a miracle.  Enjoy yourself!


Here is the juice: 1.  be kind to one another, 2.  do for other people what you want done to yourself, 3.  learn the seven pillars of wisdom, 4.  go to heaven and take your family with you, and 5.  do not be a slave to created distractions of others.


What you are going back into is not a come as you are party.  You are not going like you are - that's not fit for the non-synergistic group! Get ready to develop an attitude of gratitude and learn about all the provision you really need: Develop yourself into the type of person that will keep you from going to Hell. 


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