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Barriers to Synergism

Fatal Distractions

can't run away from trouble

ain't no place that far Disney

Elements of Failure

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There are many barriers to synergism, too many for you to learn them all. But most of them come from a common root - fear.  Fear of death, inadequacy and, attack.

 Fear comes from broken relationships.

You can defend yourself only for so long, then you�ll need help.  A synergistic team will give the best help you can find anywhere.  You can move around the barriers now because you knew they were coming.

Three of the biggest barriers are fear, poor science and defective building materials. Some of the barriers relate directly to you, some to other members of your team, and some to all of us in general.

Fear relates to the shortness of your life and your fear of missing something good.  Poor science relates to the certain Second Law of Thermodynamics, which is merely a hard way of saying everything is wearing out faster than you can put it together.  Finally, many well-intentioned people are trying hard enough to do well, but can�t build synergism because they have mistaken its source and are using defective building materials.  Neglecting to recognize the spiritual nature of synergism can lead to spiritual deficiencies. One of the most serious and common types of failure is empowerment failure.   What has stopped you?  Learn more - get the book! 


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