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Develop, present, defend, and pilot synergistic ideas for the future of your team.

















Leadership on the Synergistic Team

Leadership on a synergistic team involves radical empowerment enabled by mutual regeneration.  Simply follow the principles of synergism wherever they lead you.  Leadership is freely shared on a synergistic team.  Everyone provides insight from their life's experience and abilities.  Leaders think as hard about the people as they do about the work.  They think about aiding others on the team more than thinking about themselves.  Leaders know their need of mutual regeneration.  When you are walking together, the leader has less to do.  Everybody sees where they are going.  They�ll be like a flock of birds with many eyes to spot food and danger. Don't forget to make disciples!

The Leader Establishes Wisdom in These Areas



character gifts

teaching for results

choosing the good part

managing imaginary scenarios

unmasking flattery

understanding interaction metrics

demolishing sophistries

reading the factions

gauging interactions and empowerment

leading by reference

heeding alarm systems


Here's more:

  • The term �synergistic leader� is an oxymoron because you cannot lead by yourself.

  • Leadership means exercising your personal gifts to produce a positive effect in others.

  • A leader must plan to spend some of his time waiting for others to catch up.

  • A leader knows about the number of interactions he asks people to develop.

  • If you are a good leader, there will be a division among the people because of you.

  • Factions reveal that someone has too small a part in a great enterprise.

  • Leading by reference means leading by principles that can be searched and studied. 

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