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Develop, present, defend, and pilot synergistic ideas for the future of your team.


















A Command Center for Innovation

The innovarium was designed to help us be successful in developing, presenting, defending and piloting our creative ideas for the future.  The action menu includes an idea wizard, prompting you to answer a series of questions about your idea, people you have to work with, and your personal expectations, an idea tracker, reminding you of your own proposals (and those of others), a metrix minder, a tool to measure how you are doing relative to the principles of innovation, and a brief compilation of the principles of innovation.  An interface minder shows whether you�ve primed the right interactions.  If your score is too low, you�ve got work to do.

The site provides links on how to use the site, what innovation is, what leaders say, various search options, feedback, bulletin board, and a toolbox that provides advice about registration, sponsors, access to coaches, developing a pilot, links to intranet sites about innovation, when to quit and book references. 

If you become the webmaster of such a site, you share excitement via feature stories, searching, proposal counting, statistics and follow-up.  Anyone can share personal learning about innovation in an advanced level section that has place for input on leading yourself to a new level, helping someone else lead, leading together, and expanding your listening power.  Use send-a-cat to give someone an electronic cat if they haven't been paying attention to you lately!  It's a playful look at ideas. 

 The results of the innovarium pilot are not yet in.  As in everything talked about in the book, its success depends upon regenerating our ideas about our ourselves and our interactions.  What would your innovarium look like?

 A web site is only one of the potential means of enhancing innovation.  More generally, you will be applying the principle of phylacteries, that is, keeping innovation visible (in your face!) by use of the internet, postings, cards, wall charts, seminars, etc.  Most people only talk about innovation once in awhile, as if it were some unnatural thing.  This is not a new problem.