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Radical Empowerment

True empowerment is that empowerment given to faithful, men, without the need for record keeping.


Empowerment happens when your strategic plans focus on relationships.

Mutual regeneration enables radical empowerment

The Synergism Business Plan:

Unprecedented Personal Empowerment

- a change in doctrine -


Mutual regeneration is restoring a whole relationship.  Empowerment follows.

  • You will have to fight for your right of empowerment: this is called, Liberty.

  • You always want empowerment over something valuable.  This is something you might term a core competency, whether actual or envisioned.  This makes it (1) central, (2) assures sufficient and capable resources,  and (3) means you are the master of it.  If any of the three are missing, you are not really empowered.

  • Get your leaders back to doing their real work of empowering others instead of their pretended work in paradigm changes.

  • Where does radical empowerment come from?  In its most basic form, empowerment comes from God.  You are capable because God made it possible.  For this reason, Joel Osteen, popular pastor of Lakewood Church in Houston, says you should trust in God and look for the best in people.  Empowerment is possible because others will help.  The Holy Spirit gives spiritual gifts to Christians so they can help each other do well at everything they do.  These statements put in sharp relief the common belief that you can do something great on your own.  No synergistic team works this way.

  • Disempowerment means you fell from creating the book to creating a page.

Learn more about radical empowerment in the book.