The synergariumTM

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Develop, present, defend, and pilot synergistic ideas for the future of your team.


















The Co$t of Synergism


The costs of synergism

  Trust (time)

Here are some points about each co$t:

Respect must be mutual. Purpose turns on the power. Purpose drives synergism when you have a chance to win. Energy for synergism will be transferred to something Rewarding. Rewards reveal ownership. Rewards reveal Trust. Integrity is telling the truth so you don't have to remember anything else.  Commitment is the result of a relationship process, being consistent in your desire for a positive relationship. To achieve regeneration, reconciliation must precede working together. Intercession will show you whether you were busy on the right things.  Intercession allows you to take much higher risks. Give purpose to your Teaching and teach for results. If you still are on milk, you can only solve child-like problems. Without Hospitality, you don't have synergism. Celebrate together! Failure to Rest is an indication that something basic is wrong with your relationships. The winner of a rat race is a rat. Rest is a celebration of the completion of work.

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