The synergariumTM

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Develop, present, defend, and pilot synergistic ideas for the future of your team.

















Building Synergism

It is possible to achieve synergism in your group.  Build with the right building materials and grow with the right methods.  And you�ll need some help - fast!  Anything of value in synergism you find in someone else.   Awaken them people from suspended animation - maybe even yourself!  You will be building and empowering  real men and women.  All synergism is targeted synergism -  Who will it be?

Your new paradigm: 

Make a consistent spiritual investment!

First establish a good reason to start synergism.  Maybe you have something strategic and difficult to do, or need superb output quickly.  Maybe you really want to work closer with a certain group of people, or even one person (let�s hope she�s worth it!)  Maybe there is something really good in it for you.  Whatever the reason, because synergism is difficult, don't expect it everywhere.  You will have to be more selective than that!  This is called targeted synergism. Building synergism means building relationships.