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Develop, present, defend, and pilot synergistic ideas for the future of your team.

















  1. interaction congestion - an ever increasing number of interactions, resulting in superficial interactions and selected engagement

  2. accelerating disempowerment - resulting in narrowing of job scope, pathetic dependencies, partitioning, and empowerment failure, typical of failed assembly-line industries leading to careers of bit parts and off-peak performance

  3. turbo leadership - with inadequate time to listen, delaying innovation, generating imaginary crises and unnecessary work, overlooking weaknesses, and hurling growing leaders onto 1-lane roads with little elbow room; turbo leadership is the result of fear

  4. wavering competencies - caused by fewer true experts, using experts as fungible puppets, and keeping many capable people marginally empowered, sitting on the bench much like on professional athletic teams

  5. sophisticated intranet development - teamed with knowledge management communication tools, capable of uniting communities of practice and centers of excellence worldwide, but not aggressively supported, and instead creating secrecy and turf wars

  6. burgeoning co-development - insourcing, outsourcing and co-development with variable results, and begging for a different emerging technologies approach

  7. overconfidence - overlooking scientific and organizational weaknesses and values survey results; believing the condom will protect you

  8. perpetual innovation - the constant need for change because we are never satisfied

  9. repressed spiritual portal - inability to diagnose the real source of a problem because the basis of synergism is spiritual

  10. gilding the game - inflating the difficulty of work by making it into a game with complicated rules and excessive steps

The 8 Principal Faults of Man

gluttony, fornication, covetousness (avarice), anger, dejection (depression), accidee (listlessness, disgusted, sour), vainglory (boasting) and pride (puffed up).  How about yours?