The synergariumTM

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Develop, present, defend, and pilot synergistic ideas for the future of your team.

















What is a Synergarium?

a place of passion for synergism

A synergarium is a special place to come to find out about great teamwork, that is, synergism.  Below  are some other "ariums" you already know about.

...arium    a place or device containing or associated with:


passion flowers

Synergarium - Teamwork!


Natatorium - Swimming!
Auditorium - Performance!
Terrarium - Plants
Solarium - Sunlight
Emporium - Shopping
 Gymnasium - Sports!
Tepidarium - Warm Bath!
Herpitarium - Snakes!
 Athenaeum - Library!
Innovarium - Vision!
Frigidarium  - Cold Water!
Aquarium - Fish!
Gladiatorium - Fighting!
Atrium - Courtyard!
 Herbarium - Dried Plants!
Praetorium - Guards!
Passionarium - Love & XXX!
Adjutorium - Salvation!
Planetarium - Astronomy!
Culinarium - Food!
Refugium - Refuge!
Herculaneum - Muscles!



Speeding Cars!

Apodyterium - Changing Room!