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About the Author

The author was actively involved from 1975-2005 in new drug product development for nearly twenty commercialized Pfizer Inc pharmaceutical products, including Feldene, Glucotrol, Exirel, Cardura, Zithromax, Paratect, Advocin, Aviax, and Dectomax. The range of his involvement included R&D scientist, strategist, principal author, expert reviewer, final editor and registration defender for the Manufacturing, Facilities and Controls sections of New Drug Applications. 

He served as Assistant Director in Analytical R&D for many years, where he led numerous development efforts in animal and human medicinals, championed robotic systems, assembled a bio-analytical group in six months flat, and sparked development of a high throughput automated dissolution system. After joining Pharmaceutical R&D in 1993 as Senior Technical Advisor, he initiated a renaissance in robustness discussions by authoring a Dosage From Development Guidance. His more recent efforts involved helping to set up the department's website, knowledge management initiative, and innovarium, as well as this book describing the Principles of Synergism. He has extensive experience in technical writing and teaching at both Pfizer and local churches, and a discerning grasp of the Christian faith. The current book follows a long history of creative approaches to business and people. 

Dr. Richards is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI (Analytical Chemistry) and Moravian College, Bethlehem, PA. He is married to Alma L. W. Richards. The couple have two grown sons and two grown daughters, and live in an old pattern book Victorian home in Mystic, Connecticut. Dr. Richards likes to garden and grow lady slipper (paphiopedilum) orchids for fun.