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Develop, present, defend, and pilot synergistic ideas for the future of your team.

















Inside the Book

Working at our best together is called synergism. The Principles of Synergism is a unique book designed to help you learn the principles of synergism and apply them to your life and work. By the end of the book you will have a good understanding of the principles, be able to select an application target, and improve your success in working with others. Synergism is alarming. It's not something you can do by yourself! This book will tell you why it is so alarming and how to get more of it in your life.

Key concept:  

Understand the dynamics of a synergistic team and have a model for increasing the productivity and enjoyment of any team.




1 -  Why Study Synergism?

The new millennium promises a golden age of scientific and medical discovery, and we should be able to say the same thing about how well we work together -  in effect, defining new personal interaction horizons.

2 -  What is Synergism?

The origin of the word synergism is explored, yielding an accurate understanding of its modern definition. Learn this convenient acrostic: Suddenly Your Newly Established Regeneration Gives Insight Sorely Missing.

3 - The Source of Synergism

Five sources of synergism are examined: God, love, friendship, fellowship and partnership. By knowing the sources of synergism, you can make better decisions about how to increase it. The source of synergism is spiritual.

4 - The Cost of Synergism

Move beyond the usual charm school approach to leadership training, which expects changed behavior without changed thinking. Examine ten attributes of synergism, without which you can kiss it goodbye: respect, purpose, rewards, trust, commitment, teaching, intercession, hospitality, rest and leadership. Synergism is success with people, so it deals with fruitful, mature and satisfying relationships of lasting value joining assurance, intimacy and passion!

5 - Synergism in Action!

Learn the distinguishing differences of a synergistic team, the fruits of synergism, and the synergistic mirror - a smile on your very own face. See why people on synergistic teams take risks other people would not consider.

6 - Leadership on the Synergistic Team

What you must know and do as a leader on a synergistic team is actually different than what you'll read about in most books on leadership. The leadership model proposed in this book is simply that you follow the principles of synergism wherever they lead you. I take you over some of the roughest ground. Buckle your seat belt! Examine issues such as purpose, doctrine, gifts, teaching for results, choosing the good part, managing imaginary scenarios, flattery, reading the factions, interactions & empowerment, leading by reference, and alarm systems. Understand the interaction numbers game.

7 - Synergism Between Groups

The same principles that apply within a team also apply between teams, because people perform all intra team interactions. The relationship between synergism and innovation is explored. Examine the magic interface, the group costs of synergism, the science of scale, the principles of innovation, the innovarium, how long is your leash?, and anonymity.

8 - Building Synergism

Get advice on how to build synergism. Subjects include starting synergism, targeted synergism, growing synergism, metrics, synergism with whom?, asking for help properly, and the bounds of synergism.

 9 - Barriers to Synergism

React to the three crippling fears: death, poor science and defective building materials. Discuss the elements of failure - can't, won't, don't, and learn that death is only one of the ways you can lose your life.

10 - The End of Synergism

Sorry about this section, but you'll have to address it! When your synergism is over you can look back and see what was important, what made it work, and what changed. Look at the breakdown lane, attitude of gratitude, journey notes, the way ahead, all that you really need, no condoms allowed, and the iridescent man.

11 - Review in Story Form

You will encounter a unique review in story form! Meet Brit and Stan Wynde, who will probe your mind to see whether you've really learned anything.

12 - Resources & Recognition

This chapter contains training aids, citations, bibliography and index.